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At Canterbury Insulated Builders we have vast experience from concept to completion for any building that relies on a temperature controlled environment or critical hygiene areas. We specialize in installing insulated panel for commercial and industrial buildings, depending on the scope of your requirements, we can build on-site or build and transport to your location. 

Insulated panels are available in standard EPS core, XFlam fire resistant core or PIR fire resistant core. We only use quality insulated panels manufactured in  New Zealand or Australia. Insulated panel systems have revolutionised the building industry with building systems that are straightforward, timely and efficient, and matching the trend towards healthier, more energy efficient builds. 

Ideal For:

  • Refrigeration Rooms
  • Fish Processing Plants
  • Meat Processing Plants
  • Dairy Sheds
  • Commercial Freezers
  • Supermarket Coolrooms
  • Clean rooms built to MPI standards
  • Chiller and Freezer Rooms
  • Portable Buildings
  • Powder milk Plants, and much more.


Maintenance services

We're also the team to call for all of your Insulated panel building maintenance and any repair work that may me required. Eventually thing like door wheels and rollers do wear out, so for all of these jobs, no mater how small, we welcome the opportunity to maintain any work we've installed, and any existing building that need a professional team for repairwork, refurbishing and replacement.