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With a long history in the insulated panel construction industry, we offer a wide range of services. We welcome any queries and are happy to provide any advice. Canterbury Insulated Builders have been involved in a wide scope of projects, from direct customer developments through to working in with, and at times for, other build companies in providing top quality, punctual, and meticulously planned builds. 

We offer the following experienced services from concept to completion…

Insulated Panel Commercial Build Services

  • Planning Advice and Quote   
    • our in-depth hand-on experience makes our advice invaluable. We welcome the opportunity to assist  in planning to your unique requirements, for a seamless, quality, and on-schedule build.   
  • Project Management   
    • we can project manage, effectively integrating all services, including electrical & plumbing, with your build project where required. 
  • Panel Supply / Equipment Supply 
    • we supply all panels and equipment needed for the project construction.
  • Construction of Commercial On-site Building   
    • we have a team of reliable professionals ready to build on-site to your requirements.
  • Pre-built Construction with Delivered to Site   
    • if delivery of a completed build suits you best, we can meet your needs. 
  • Ongoing Maintenance 
    • this may include replacement of door rollers, damaged panels, etc.
  • Kit-set Supply 
    • In some cases we can supply buildings in kit-set, however we do recommend employing either our selves or company experienced with insulated panel construction to ensure a timely and efficient build, and to avoid ongoing problems and unnecessary costs. 

Portable Building Supply, Customisation and Build Services

  • Sale of Prefabricated Portable Buildings 
    • we have a range of portable buildings ready for immediate sale and transport. We can arrange transport to your site.   
  • Customisation of Prefabricated Portable Buildings   
    • we can customise our portable buildings for your intended used.   
  • Portable Buildings Built to Your Specifications   
    • we can work with you from concept to completion on a portable building to suit you.

Access Equipment For Hire

We have a range of regularly services, well maintained equipment that we offer for hire by prior arrangement. Visit our Equipment For Hire page for more information.

A range of applications that we can plan, supply and build for:

  • Refrigeration rooms
  • Fish Processing plants
  • Hygiene Rooms
  • Cowsheds
  • Chillers / Freezers and Commercial Refrigeration
  • Powder Milk Plants
  • Office Buildings and On-site Offices
  • Ablution Blocks
  • Accommodation Units and Sleep-outs
  • Annexes / building add-ons

Most of our projects involve building concepts, including planning and ensuring specifications and building requirements are met. For some of the above applications, our Portable Buildings may be an ideal option. These include pre-built, customisable portable buildings and build-to-spec portable buildings. You’re welcome to Contact Us and make an appointment to view examples of our pre-built portable buildings, for sale or hire, at our Christchurch site.